A few weeks ago on earth day, we encouraged you to PLAY GOLF and leave the tree planting to us. Well, we kept up our end and have planted 160 trees since then. Now, don’t worry, each tree was meticulously spotted to be certain that none will interfere with your next golf shot (well, mostly)! Truthfully, as surprising as it seems, many won’t even notice the additions.

Ok, it has been suggested that maybe, just maybe, there are enough tress out on the golf course already. So, it’s fair to ask, “Why plant so many more?” As it turns out, there is something green that you don’t want on a golf course. The Emerald Ash Borer has been reeking havoc on our ash trees – you can see their dead and weakened outlines in almost every area of the county.

Additionally, many of the older pine trees are nearing the end of their lives and we want be proactive about establishing the next generation of trees for the next generation of players.

Now for some GOOD NEWS! The cool, wet March weather that crashed the first half of May is OUT of here! It is going to be warm and sunny this week. Take advantage and book a tee time NOW!

Once upon a time…before the trees grew in!