Successful Event Planning!

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning a golf outing.  You don’t need to be an experienced golfer, and with the right tools, you can run a successful event.  We have partnered with many events here at Painesville Country Club and look forward to helping your event succeed too!

Whether you are raising funds, hosting a company event, or just having fun with friends and family, the key to a successful event is planning, and we can help you out with a checklist you can download at the end of this page.

So, where does one start?  

First, Set your goals and purpose for your event.

This could be anything from customer or employee appreciation, fundraising for charity, family reunions, brand recognition.  Not all golf outings are about raising funds.  Just make sure your golfers are getting value for their buck!

Form a committee and decide on their responsibilities.

       Members who have strong connections in the community are your best source for finding sponsors.  Others may be great promoters or able to recruit volunteers. Use their strengths and and stay in touch by setting meeting times. Keep your meetings consistent so that everyone stays informed and motivated!

Set a date and secure tee times at the golf course

        If your first choice is not available, try to have an alternate date or time in mind.  Do you want your event on a weekday which may require many having to take off work for the day, or a weekend which could take away from family or sporting events.  Identify conflicting events which could reduce attendance. Choose the date and time that will give the most return on attendees!


What does the golf course require and allow?

       Every golf course has a different set of guidelines.  Your questions might be:  What is required for a shotgun start? What is the difference between a shotgun and a modified shotgun? What holes will they start on?  Does the golf course require a deposit?

What happens if it rains? What are our food choices or can we bring in a caterer? Can I bring my own beer/alcohol? When do you need final numbers?  Who will set out our sponsor signs? Etc.

All questions that can be answered by your contact at the golf course!


Start securing Donations and Sponsors for your event

       To insure brand recognition, sponsors should receive signage at the event and in the event program.  Also remember to say thank you at your awards presentation. Start early on recruiting sponsors.  Use your committee’s connections in the community to let businesses and organizations know about the exposure and brand recognition they will receive at your event.  Let them know about your event’s purpose and what funds will be used for.

Make up a list of potential golfers and Open Registration

       Get the word out to golfers.  Use social media, set up a website and Facebook event page, mail invites, etc. Use email to send out event information and teasers to increase interest in your event.  Don’t let them forget about your event and encourage them to sign up!

Food & Beverage

       Decide on food choices.  Whether the golf course caters your event or an outside caterer, do not leave this until the last moment.  Learn about fees the course charges for using an outside caterer.  If someone in your organization does not golf but would like to be a part of your event, try suggesting donating lunch or dinner for your event.   Include signage at the event and at the meal.

Tournament Prizes & Games

       There are so many choices here, but remember to stay within budget in order to meet your goals.  Do you want to make sure everyone has a parting gift?  How many winners and runners-up places will receive a tournament prize?  Hole events?  How Many?  So many choices and the golf course can help you to decide what holes make for the best results.

Some events favor a “Super Ticket” which encompassed all the events into one package for ease of payment during check-in on event day!

There are many choices for money games too.  Some will create revenue for you and others are for the competitive golfers that may want a skins game.  Ask us for ideas!


It is so important to have additional help on the day of the event.  Assign duties to others so as to free up the demand on your time as coordinator.  Use volunteers to check in golfers, collect for money games and raffles, setting up auctions, and most important of all, clean-up following your event.

Keep in mind that you want to keep them busy and not bored.  Remember, having volunteers stay all day with nothing to do till dinner will not bring them back for an annual event!  You may want to consider morning and afternoon volunteers.

Following the Tournament

Make necessary payments to golf course and caterer.  Reconcile finances and compile a summary of results.

Send thank you notes to a whole slew of people (very important!).  The list should include: sponsors, vendors, participants, volunteers, committee members, etc…

NOW Let’s get Started…..

Your event can be memorable and fun!  Remember, Painesville C.C. will help you with your event planning and organization.  So contact us today and download your free event planning checklist!