Discover Painesville Country Club Men’s Association!

Competitive Golf and friendships for a lifetime!

Are you ready to add a whole new dimension to the game of golf? Do you crave competition on the golf course but lack those who challenge you? Want more golf mates?  If your answer is yes, then the solution is the PCCMA (Painesville Country Club Men’s Association).  

Competitive golf (handicapped so everyone is in the game) is FUN! It’s also one of the absolute best ways to develop your skills while simultaneously getting an awesome new golf family who love the game and build each other up. If you’re only playing with marginal golfers or racquetball partners who don’t know the difference between an albatross and a snowman, it’s time to take the next step (and if you didn’t know either, you will soon). Opportunity awaits; PCCMA is made just for YOU!

With 60+ members on the roster, you’re sure to find that kindred spirit who thinks a round of golf consists of 18 holes and using every club in your bag.  The competitive spirit lives here and will drive your handicap lower and your enthusiasm higher!  By the end of the season you will be a veteran and more versed on the rules of golf than ever before. Hang out after the events and get to know the members, bar is always open.

PCCMA events are typically every third weekend so you’ll have plenty of time for other commitments!  You won’t want to miss an event but, if your brother won’t reschedule his wedding, there’s no penalty for missing an event (other than missed point opportunities!) Of course, you can always ask for an early tee time and get your 18 in before donning that tux!

Top off the season by earning enough points for the annual Ryder Cup!  It’s competition at its BEST!  Red against Blue team in a two-day event that puts players head-to-head.  To the victors go the spoils and drink your fill from the Ryder Cup chalice.  A time honored tradition shared by all team members and their captain!  Make this be YOUR year by becoming a part of the PCCMA!

PCCMA Information Booklet

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10th Annual BC Chili Open!

10th Annual BC Chili Open – October 7, 2017 – 10:00 am Shotgun

Attention Golfers, come to the BC Chili Open for all kinds of surprises! Build a 4-person scramble team made up, men & women, it doesn’t matter, however you must perform the walk of shame unless you have a woman on you team!  All male teams that do not have a woman on them must don specially selected attire for their group picture!

Entry Fee for this event is $10.00 per golfer, plus greens fees!  Look for an event on EVERY hole!  Golfers rush to enter the Chili Open every year! Regardless of what kind of golf you play, the Chili Open is the place you want to be on October 7th, so go for the gold and bring home those special golden thrones as a prize! No, I won’t spoil the surprise, you’ll just have to enter to find out.

Good weather or bad we are going to play!  Look at the stories you will have to share until next year’s annual event!

The fun doesn’t stop on the golf course!  Can you cook? Chili contest be calling your name if you know what I mean! Our chili contest will warm you up by eating delicious chili! But first, select someone from your team to act as one of the judges for the many crock-pots of chili. Once the judges have voted, then dig in, warm up and eat to your hearts content.  Chili winner receives a cash prize and bragging rights!

Golfers always have a grand good time at the Chili Open and it’s the main reason it was started in the first place!  All day long you can hear laughter, see people smiling ear to ear, and kicking back after golf and eating their fill!

Don’t get left sitting at home, instead join us for the game at Painesville Country Club!  

Happy Father’s Day!

DONT DO THIS!!!Let’s be clear. Your father neither wants nor needs another tie, shirt or any other trinket for Father’s Day. Thankfully there is an ideal gift for Father’s Day and the good news is that the shopping could not be any easier. What Dads want is TIME.

First, he wants time with YOU. Not in a big group or over a quick meal, but meaningful time together. The golf course is the best place to make that time. All you need to do is to book a tee time now. by clicking the picture below:

Click Picture above to Book a Tee Time!

Second, Dads need some “me” time. We’ve got you covered there too. A Gift Certificate for golf is the perfect way to ensure your Dad gets some needed down time. Click below to access our online store to set him up today!

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More Trees !!?!??

A few weeks ago on earth day, we encouraged you to PLAY GOLF and leave the tree planting to us. Well, we kept up our end and have planted 160 trees since then. Now, don’t worry, each tree was meticulously spotted to be certain that none will interfere with your next golf shot (well, mostly)! Truthfully, as surprising as it seems, many won’t even notice the additions.

Ok, it has been suggested that maybe, just maybe, there are enough tress out on the golf course already. So, it’s fair to ask, “Why plant so many more?” As it turns out, there is something green that you don’t want on a golf course. The Emerald Ash Borer has been reeking havoc on our ash trees – you can see their dead and weakened outlines in almost every area of the county.

Additionally, many of the older pine trees are nearing the end of their lives and we want be proactive about establishing the next generation of trees for the next generation of players.

Now for some GOOD NEWS! The cool, wet March weather that crashed the first half of May is OUT of here! It is going to be warm and sunny this week. Take advantage and book a tee time NOW!

Once upon a time…before the trees grew in!

7th Hole Enhancements Have Been Completed!