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Discover Painesville Country Club Men’s Association!

Competitive Golf and friendships for a lifetime! Are you ready to add a whole new dimension to the game of golf? Do you crave competition on the golf course but lack those who challenge you? Want more golf mates?  If your answer is yes, then the solution is the PCCMA (Painesville Country Club Men’s Association).   […]

10th Annual BC Chili Open!

10th Annual BC Chili Open – October 7, 2017 – 10:00 am Shotgun Attention Golfers, come to the BC Chili Open for all kinds of surprises! Build a 4-person scramble team made up, men & women, it doesn’t matter, however you must perform the walk of shame unless you have a woman on you team! […]

Happy Father’s Day!

DONT DO THIS!!!Let’s be clear. Your father neither wants nor needs another tie, shirt or any other trinket for Father’s Day. Thankfully there is an ideal gift for Father’s Day and the good news is that the shopping could not be any easier. What Dads want is TIME. First, he wants time with YOU. Not […]

More Trees !!?!??

A few weeks ago on earth day, we encouraged you to PLAY GOLF and leave the tree planting to us. Well, we kept up our end and have planted 160 trees since then. Now, don’t worry, each tree was meticulously spotted to be certain that none will interfere with your next golf shot (well, mostly)! […]